Since the mid-1980s, Ureteronephroscopy became the golden method of removing ureter stones wherever they are. Semi-flexible or flexible ureteroscopes 3.5mm in diameter are used.

The stone is crushed using electro-hydraulic or electromechanical waves or with the use of the Holmium-YAG-Laser which was developed at the LASER Center of the University of Munich and made the treatment much more effective and safe.

The operation is performed under complete anesthesia with the use of X-rays.

If necessary, a urinary catheter (pig tail) is placed after the removal of the stone. The patient can leave the clinic the next day without stones and colic.

With this method it is possible to immediately deal with ureteral stones so that the patient can be relieved of colic and return immediately to his daily activities. This also means huge savings in the costs of insurance.


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